Release Features

AMS-TAC Versions and Features

AMS-TAC Release Notes | August-2022

-- Bug Fixes --

  • Updated EDI output for IGC transmission, commodity codes
  • Updated standard context for IGC Transfers for COM reports vs DLMS or old Y-Transactions

AMS-TAC Release Notes | May-2022

-- Bug Fixes --

  • Fixed Dispatch actions permission setting for VIEW ONLY access Prevent add/remove actions in details window; Disable action for creating new dispatch delivery/pickup
  • Fixed counter of shipping units on grid when user navigates from inbound detail to specific TCN line items then returns to grid.
  • Applied fix to force application shutdown to rebuild BCR file when file is bad/missing/corrupt on startup or in processing.

-- Maintenance Changes --

  • Applied syntax changes to IGC/DLMS/Telemetry and EDI output content to match IGC/DLMS accepted format.
  • When printing Convoy details, allow printing multple convoys when convoy is in focus and other convoy items are checked vs printing only the focused item.
  • Applied auto-logout/shut-down timers for inactive sessions. 
  • Removed no-longer functioning "eMail" option for report printing button.
  • Re-enabled security settings for permission to send data to ITV/IGC servers per user.
  • Improved label, messages, dialog context presented to users.
  • Updated Save validation when building an outbound container to remove dialog about required inner shipping unit.
  • Improved messaging in ‘email help desk’ dialog window.
  • Enable permission setting for "Merge Data" function per user. 
  • Apply user password complexity to admin-initiated resets and new account temporary passwords.
  • Applied user policy to DISABLE any accounts without a successful login in the last 35 days.
  • In BCR network shared environment, prevent multiple machines reading the file share when data is actively importing from a handheld. 


AMS-TAC Release Notes | Dec-2021

-- Bug Fixes --

  • Fix Custom Reports Filtering search data grid and screen refresh when criteria selected.
  • Fixed YRT transactions to report the correct date/time.            
  • Removed the creation and sending of DLMS transactions pending updates in data format.
  • Bug Fix for Data Merge.  Failed to update ship unit / dispatch link Ids.
  • Improved dispatch, multi-select entries for Print or Promote To Convoy.
  • Fix for startup table checks and alterations against upgrade from old version of AMS
  • Fix when BCR table gets corrupt.  Allow auto-delete and rebuild.
  • Fix importing RFTags from internet.  Override/correct certain validations.
  • Updated TCMD to have PRINTED content match actual vs formatted for 80-col TCMD specs from DTR Part II, Appendix M.
  • Updated message to user to contact AMS admin to unlock an AMS users login account.
  • Fix for account locked notification.  Display WHEN the account will be unlocked automatically after 1 hr.
  • Updated search results shipping unit report to show convoy vs dispatch data when applicable.
  • Fix for "ENTER" key on main screen to invoke actual search vs manually clicking the magnifying glass.
  • Fix DODAAC combobox when selection cleared leaving box background Red.  Back to normal coloring.

-- Maintenance Fixes --

  • Revised headings / columns in TCN Delivery Times report
  • Updated system to carry forward TDR content to tally sheet, container manifest, TCMD, and convoy documentation.
  • Added new filtering option on custom reports.  Added All Dispatch, Delivery Only, and Pickup Only
  • Updated custom report screen. Show filterable criteria at all times.
  • Optimized query on inbound receipt for shipping units per container.
  • Added auto-detection and retry (3 attempts) of sql queries in such cases like bad connection.
  • Updated Merge data to show more detail during process, and more detailed messaged upon completion if any exceptions encountered.
  • Removed "MakeActive" button on DODAAC maintenance screen.  Auto-detection marks active during every startup against active production data.
  • Optimized query to check for pending data when sending data via CAC/PKI.
  • Ask user to send pending data when trying to logout.  Pre-prompt user PIN before sending data.
  • Updated main window status labels when data being prepared and sending to IGC server.
  • Added new web post header to IGC.  Provide point-of-contact for tracking when issues may need further research.
  • Created file-based DLMS data as to not require regeneration every time send data is called.
  • Removed "No Inbound TCN" containers from showing on any reports.
  • Reviewed all reports and screens to apply, where applicable, standard format date/time: (MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt)
  • Updated loading dispatch to include "Add Date/Time" the shipping unit was added to the system.
  • Added button to "UNLOCK" an account to user maintenance screen.


AMS-TAC Release Notes | Mar-2021

-- ECP-51 DLMS -- 

  • Capability added to send original IGC data to EDI315 and EDI856 format for sending to IGC server

-- ECP-52 Tally Sheet -- 

  • Capability added to allow user to print tally sheet data based on default alpha order, or based on when added to Tally sheet.

-- ECP-53 Auto-Generate TCN -- 

  • Capability added to allow automatic generation of TCNs such as during inbound and outbound processing.

-- Bug Fixes --

  • Fix to prevent invalid special characters from MSL when scanned from handheld device.
  • Fix to prevent invalid special characters in DODAAC addresses as exposed during handheld scans of MSLs.
  • Fix to re-enable data-grid searches of current data within the grid, not global search
  • Fix to allow searching and print of convoy data from archives, not just current production data.
  • Fix on validation of manual TCN entry.  Specifically unit-move that allows "$" but only in positions 7 and/or 8.
  • Fix on main search results delivery message.  Have delivery message context specific from Tally Sheet vs Convoy.

-- Maintenance Fixes --

  • Updated Country Code combo selection box during RF-ITV registration.  Updated with current ISO-3166 list.
  • Message dialog prompt clarification. During backup of production data vs just backup data.
  • Update to ensure single [blank] Carrier SCAC in lookup table during system startup checks.
  • Minor internal developer / debug support changes.


AMS Functionality AMS automates standard DoD transportation and supply functions such as break bulk, receiving, issue, freight consolidation, redeployment and retrograde. AMS TAC fully integrates automatic identification technologies (AIT) including optical memory card (OMC), radio frequency (RF) tag, and barcode scanning and printing (linear and two-dimensional) capabilities. - Supports breakbulk and cross-dock operations. - Supports shipping and retrograde operations. - Supports fr...