AMS Functionality

AMS automates standard DoD transportation and supply functions such as break bulk, receiving, issue, freight consolidation, redeployment and retrograde.

AMS TAC fully integrates automatic identification technologies (AIT) including optical memory card (OMC), radio frequency (RF) tag, and barcode scanning and printing (linear and two-dimensional) capabilities.

  • Supports breakbulk and cross-dock operations.
  • Supports shipping and retrograde operations.
  • Supports freight receipt and dispatch.
  • Supports small package (Fedex, UPS, etc.) receipt and dispatch.
  • Generates and reads linear and 2D barcoded Military Shipping Labels (MSLs).
  • Generates and reads linear and 2D barcoded Issue Release Receipt Documents (IRRDs).
  • Generates Transportation Control and Movement Documents (TCMDs).
  • Generates Transportation Discrepancy Reports (TDRs).
  • Generates Reports of Discrepancy (RODs).
  • Generates and reads DoD standard Radio Frequency (RF) Tags and populates the Intransit Visibility (ITV) Server.
  • Generates and reads DoD standard Optical Memory Cards (OMCs).

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