Release Notes | 4.1

AMS-TAC Release Notes | 15-Feb-2023

-- Bug Fixes PC --
- Minor fix associated with the switching to TEST MODE.  When switch is complete, user re-login was not prompted, leaving the main screen blank of options

- Correction to disable the show "Send Interface Data" once user switches to TEST MODE


AMS-TAC Release Notes | 7-Dec-2022

-- ECPs --

- ECP-61 Use Consignee DODAAC when auto-generate TCN on handheld and PC

- ECP-60 Completed PC-side integration of CAC to generate actual bitmap once data transferred from handheld

-- Maintenance Fixes --

- Updated ConfigServer record to store IGC URLs vs code-fixed to allow future updates if/when needed

- Added a "clean" message during web transmit failures vs "forcibly closed" stack dump

- Added Maintenance to cleanup undispatched shipping units when main dispatch record deleted.

- Updated check on AMS Registration to maintain recent point-of-contact.  Not saving confirmation of notification.

--- Handheld Updates ---

-- ECPs --

- ECP-60 Use CAC reader to digitally sign for tallysheets on handheld, carry through to PC side with image.

-- Maintenance Fixes --

- Removed redundant fields in a couple class structures

- Added maintenance to prevent bug trying to read configuration setting file if no file exists

- Added maintenance to prevent bug building an index that may already exist


AMS-TAC Release Notes | 12-Aug-2022

- Updated EDI/DLMS output for minor issues regarding Commodity codes (air/water)

- Update COM Reporting to standardize message to IGC Transfers (vs DLMS or old Y-transactions)


- Updated AMS PC software to recognize handheld device name as CN80 OR MTP USB Device.

- Updated installer and app to show context to build.


AMS-TAC Release Notes | 03-Jul-2022

Adjustments per GAT and Field Training Improvements

-- Bug Fixes PC --
- Added functionality that clears temp files during script check assessment.

- Updated format of EDI / DLMS DTEB data. 

- Fixed null object error occuring during new SQL query.

- Enforced password complexity to comply with STIG, even when Admin is resetting a user password.

- Prevent recursive call for sending data.

- Enabled setup configuration option to send Telemetry. 

- Fixed issue in the build container and multipack functions. Do not require an inner shipping unit. Allow empty container.

- Forcing user to save a container BEFORE adding shipping units to it. 

- Forcing user to save multipack BEFORE adding loose line items to it. 

- Applied correction on in-line adding DODAAC to picker list, have ALL DODAAC pickers recognize new DODAAC when added.

- Prevent partial save of container or multipack if all REQUIRED data is not filled in.

- Fixed message context on false save of saving a container (such as missing data)

- Added Mark For column in picklist when loading containers.

- Fixed issue on confirm and close dispatch associated with loose line items.

- Removed blue background of PHONE and EXTRA INFO on Signing tally sheet as NOT required.

- Adjusted several components associated with EDI/DLMS output format / content.

- Fixed issue when sending Interface data. Now checks for all pending data files including manually saved files.

- Removed auto-save on tally sheet if user just trying to print selected documents.

- Fixed path correction on export data for reports from Export to AMSExport.

-- Bug Fixes PC already found in AMS 4.0.3.x --
- Adjust permission settings to regulate which users can (or not) send data to servers.

- Fixed issue if corrupt BCR file to force delete, exit AMS and repair upon restart.

- Correct logic to help prevent false lock-out of accounts and last login attempt.

- Adjust permission settings allow users to MERGE data (or not).

- Added prevention check of multiple networked machines from attempting to import the same handheld data.

- Fix other access based on permissions such as Tally sheet, view only.

-- Bug Fixes Handheld --
- Clear text details for next tally sheet to be signed when previous signature is complete.

- Added capability to notify user when scanning a duplicate MSL.

- Update combo picker for type-pack to allow key entry in addition to dropdown list.

- Allow barcode to be scanned in combobox such as for DODAAC.

- Force cursor focus to the Tracking # field after successful scan of TCN and record saved.

- Allow scan of MSL or 1348 (IRRD) on handheld.  

- Added funtionality to pad IRRD with Xs (suffix) to meet 17 char requirement of MSL.

- Added Beep tone on TCN field barcode scan.

- Added Beep tone on scan of tracking #.

- Created different Beep-tones for good / bad scan of 2d MSL.

- Refresh combobox of DODAAC after new one entered via decoded scan.

- Added carrier detection when scanning tracking #s from different sources (ex: USPS, UPS, FedEx).  

-- Maintenance Fixes --

- Updated PC executable with Signed Certificate.

- Added functionality to auto-disable accounts that are not active or login attmpts are older than 35 days.

- Added message box display when PC / Handheld data transfer is complete.

- Added 45 minute delay after inactivity logout to force shut-down of AMS.

- Removed button to email report since auto-email previously removed from AMS.

- Updated label on HAZMAT screen Ship From vs Mark For


AMS-TAC Release Notes | 10-Jan-2022

-- ECPs --
- AMS-TAC-54 Handheld Technology (HHT) hardware/software refresh. 
Created new library to handle communications between PC and CN80. Removed the use of Android Debug Bridge.  

- AMS-TAC-55 HHT Dispatch Capability. 
Added the capability to enhance the workflow within the HHTs to reduce the amount of modules the user would have to go between when conducting inbound and dispatch functions directly from the HHTs. 

- AMS-TAC-56 - Dispatch ID Search. 
Added the capability to search for specific dispatch ID versus having a list of dispatch IDs to filter through. 

- AMS-TAC-57 - Validate TCNs prior to dispatch closeout. 
Added the capability to allow the user to verify all information before final closure. New screen shows checkboxes to confirm both TCNs and any Line Items in delivery. 

- AMS-TAC-58 - RFID Tag Inbound Receipt Container Data Issue. 
Added capability to resume reading an RF Tag if failed during a previous read attempt.  Allows user to continue where left-off from last import. Improved error handling and data validation when importing RFID tag information from the RF-ITV server.  

- AMS-TAC-59 - Type Pack Field Validation. 
Added the capability to allow the user to import the valid list of Type Pack values into a table and limit the Type Pack field to valid values within that table. 


-- ECP-40 New HHT CN80 --
Conversion of handheld software to new Honeywell handheld CN80 device. 

-- ECP-50 Telemetry Interface -- 
Capability added to allow sending IGC Receipt/Delivery/Line item data and convoy activity to Telemetry system

-- ECP-51 DLMS EDI Transactions -- 
Capability added to send original IGC data to EDI315 and EDI856 format for sending to IGC server

-- ECP-52 Tally Sheet Print Order -- 
Capability added to allow user to print tally sheet data based on default alpha order, or based on when added to Tally sheet.

-- ECP-53 Auto-Generate TCN -- 
Capability added to allow automatic generation of TCNs such as during inbound and outbound processing.

-- Bug Fixes --

- Prevent pending open dispatch message for a MarkFor delivery DODAAC. 
- Dispatch, unloading entire Tally Sheet, then trying to reload during exact same session.

- Added entry field for PlaceDateCertified which is used on AMC/IMT 1033 and DD2890 HAZMAT documents.  Never had data entry field, but existed in database.

- Search Results associated with nested containers when convoy-based shipping units.

- Search Results, refresh proper dispatch details such as when delivered / signed.

- Prevent multiple clicks on Send Interface Data button on main screen.

-- Maintenance Fixes --

- Incorporate message status on main window to show main timer sending data.  

- Updated country code list as of Dec 7, 2020 from gov't website of ISO-3166 country codes.  

- Added functionality when trying to add new dispatch/pickup. If and open tally sheet is found, include the DODAAC and date of tally sheet in message asking if user wants to add to existing.

- Fixed dispatch red-line when closed before build based on date.time.second.millisecond.

- Log message notification in case Proxy Server failure to directly notify the end-user while data transmit is being attempted.