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Mobile Device Center

How do I get Windows Mobile Device Center on my PC?

For versions and earlier only: Windows Mobile Device Center comes with your Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation. If you don't have it listed in your program files, then you may have to download it directly from Microsoft or ask your local IT support for assistance.


Note: This will only apply to the Navy version of AMS-TAC.



How do I register to send data to the ITV server?

The transmission of records to the ITV (In-Transit Visibility) Server is an integral part of the military transportation process. These records are vital to maintaining the traceability of shipment both CONUS and OCONUS. For the purposes of AMS TAC, the following steps will ensure the transmission of your ITV records.

  1. Setup

  2. Data Transfer

  3. RF-ITV Registration

What should I put in the RF-ITV Registration setup fields?

  1. Input information in the following fields:

    • Transfer Mode: On the drop down arrow, select HTTPS-TIP or FILE (All data going to ITV server should be set to HTTPS).

    • Burn station name: Input the camp name and then add W1 if there is only one write station available.

    • Location: Add the camp name that the write station is from.

    • Description: Input the address of the write station.

    • DODDAAC: Input the unit’s DODAAC (RUC or consignee).

    • Latitude: Input the correct latitude coordinates.

    • Longitude: Input the correct longitude coordinates. (For the correct coordinates do a google search or contact your system admin).

    • Altitude: Input the altitude (this is not a required field).

    • Zulu Time Offset: This field is configured for you, based on your location.

    • ITV server: Set to Trainer, National server, Pacific server, or European server.

    • POC Name: Input the name of the AMS administrator.

    • POC Phone: Input the phone number for the AMS administrator.

    • POC Email: Input the email address for the AMS administrator.

  2. Once all information is entered in the required fields, select Save to Disk and then Save to Defaults.

Note: The registration data will be sent with the first ITV record transmission. After the initial transmission, the Last Registered Date will be filled in.


If I don’t have an internet connection, how can I send records to the ITV server?

If you do not have internet access from your PC, you should set the ITV Server field to FILE. This will download the ITV Records to whatever media you have specified via a drive letter in the Copy Drive field.

  1. From the AMS main screen go to System – Setup RF-ITV and select File in the Drop down menu.

I registered to send data to the ITV server, but I am unable to send HTTPS-TIP files. What should I check?

  • Ensure that you have an internet connection.

  • Ensure that you properly registered to the ITV server and that your Setup is set to HTTPS.

  • If these steps do not work, your network may have a block on port 443 or your AMS system administrator may need to install DoD certificates. Please contact your system administrator or the AMS help desk to further assist you on this issue.



How do I configure IGC in AMS?

The first step is to obtain a username and password from DAASC. Each site will need to fill out a GEX SAR form. To begin, visit You will need to read the usage agreements and click Accept on each page. After accepting these agreements, you'll be on the DAASC System Access Request page. Scroll down the page to find the GEX link and click on it.

Fill out the GEX SAR form according to their instructions. Be sure to select HTTPS for the account type and to type in "AMS to IGC (GTN) transfer" for this reason. If you have any questions about the form, please contact the DAASC 24/7 EDI Help Desk at either (937)656-3333 or at


Sometime after the form is submitted, you should be contacted, usually via email, for more information to complete the process. One of the things that you will be asked for is the IP address for the AMS-TAC machine(s) that will be sending the GTN/IGC data. This is needed because DAASC uses a white list of approved IP addresses to block unknown computers from sending data. Note that this may not be the same IP address assigned to your computer for local network use. The easy way to find this address is to go to a website that shows you that address. Click here to obtain your machine's IP address.

In order to configure your system to send data to GTN/IGC, you will need to configure the DLA TS System Setup. Data can be sent to GTN/IGC to provide greater in-transit visibility of shipments. If this functionality is turned on, files will be generated with transaction data that shows that material has been received and dispatched. The files can be manually transferred to GTN or DLA or sent electronically. In order to make changes to this section, you will need to log into AMS as an administrator.

Note: Make sure that the Data Transfer Program is not running before configuring the DLA TS System Setup. Please Exit the program if running.



      Setup – Data Transfer – IGC / DLMS

 Select the DLMS Mode using the drop-down menu. You may select from the following:

Off - If selected, no transfers will take place.

Send via HTTPS - HTTPS allows you to send files via a secure internet connection.

Save to File- File allows you to create files that are saved to a specific directory. (These files can then be transferred to another computer and sent later.)

Login Mode – PKI/CAC or username and password

  Be sure to Save your changes. Any pending data will be sent.